Manny Lobster Plush Dog Toy

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Manny the Lobster makes a great addition to your dog's toy collection. Not only will your pet love carrying him around by his long tail, but he also lends himself well to being a plush pillow, given his 11 inch length.

This luxury range of toys aren't just your average dog's playmate. We're really impressed by how high quality these dog toys are. Not only are they incredibly cute to look at, they are filled using a non-toxic polyester fibre, which means they keep their shape and are incredibly rugged, they contain a very thick and durable mesh liner, and an incredibly plush outer fabric.

All of the seams are double stitched, generously folded and completely concealed meaning these toys are very tough companions for your dog.  Each toy also contains a durable large squeaker, to keep your pet entertained. A great all-around toy, which can be dragged around or sat on, or even slept on for some of the bigger examples.

Toy Sizes:
11" (28cm)

Plush outer fabric
Durable inner mesh

We dispatch same day if ordered before 3pm.