Luxury Red Plaid Tartan Designer Dog Shirt

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There has been a lot of recent press from vets and canine therapists about the advantages to giving nervous, anxious or even young dogs a "wearable hug" by dressing your animal in a shirt or coat The idea about the wearable hug, is that when a dog is frightened it will hold its breath - by giving the dog a supported and comforting layer of clothing, the dog will feel more relaxed and make it easier for the dog to breathe and cope with it's anxious feelings, alleviating the need for any kind of canine sedatives. 

This luxury handmade tartan printed dog shirt has been made using 100% cotton for a smooth, comfortable and warm fit. This shirt has been designed specifically to help alleviate stress levels, whilst keeping your dog cool and trendy. Suitable to wear in all weather, available in 5 sizes, and a fantastic alternative to other coats and clothing items!

Please note that these shirts are very small and best suited for smaller dogs!

Tiny - Width (Chest) - 28cm - Length (Body) - 28cm
XXS - Width (Chest) - 34cm - Length (Body) - 34cm
XS - Width (Chest) - 40cm - Length (Body) - 40cm
S - Width (Chest) - 45cm - Length (Body) - 45cm
M - Width (Chest) - 48cm - Length (Body) - 48cm

100% cotton material